Meet the team

Executive Management

Henrik Brill Jensen, Chief Executive Officer

"Napatech delivers innovative solutions for the future and this is embedded in each team’s focus and capabilities. For more than a decade our expertise has enabled our customers to be one step ahead the data curve. We have the ambition to make it, always!"

Global Sales, Japan

Kazuo Nozawa, Sales Engineer

"We sales engineers first aim to listen to our customers needs, demands, or problems. Then we address them with a solution provided by our products. To complete this mission, we must have deep technical knowledge, not only for our products, but also for our target market segments. It is quite a challenging, but worthwhile job."


Dan Bay Hofby, Manufacturing Engineer

"We support our customers by delivering the right product at the right quality, on time, and through this ensuring a positive contribution to the bottom line. The right quality is achieved together with our top performing manufacturing partners and by being a part of the development process at an early stage, ensuring manufacturability."

Technical Support

Jackie Myung Han, Technical Support Engineer

"Sales and technical support provides assistance to existing and potential customers in all geographic locations. We try to understand varying customers’ use cases so we can provide optimal guidance in overcoming any technical challenges, enabling the customers to take the best advantage of our products. This role is very interesting, yet challenging."


Research and Development

Natasha Terbovc Christophersen, FPGA development Engineer

"It feels good being a part of the Napatech development team. It is motivating to work among highly skilled, discerning engineers who are willing to share their knowledge and don’t easily give up when challenged."

Global Sales, United States

Harry Miller, Director, Federal and Channel

"The Napatech channel and federal program works with our value added resellers (VARs), distributors, and partners to bring value to our customers."

Chief Technology Office

Michael Lilja, Chief Technology Architect

"The Chief Technology Office seeks to innovate new technologies and business ideas through incubation, as well as set trends for the future and charter the strategic direction for Napatech."

Global Sales, Europe

Emiliano Rodríguez, Sr. Director Business Development

"Sales is about advocating for our customers and making sure they are, and feel, heard. We are the interface between them and the people creating their dream products."