Network Security

No single product can fully address the challenge of network security. Cloud computing, big data analysis and mobility are current trends that promise the availability of real-time data anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, these benefits come at a cost. Cloud data centers and big data analysis provide fewer, more centralized targets for cybercriminals. Mobility severely compromises security because mobile devices do not have the same protections as the typical corporate laptop. How can we secure valuable data without compromising efficiency?

Securing the Network

Combining the information from network monitoring and security appliances makes it possible to build a holistic overview of network security. By collecting and analyzing data on network and application usage, a network behavior profile can be established. Real-time monitoring of the network can be used to detect anomalies as they occur. These anomalies can then be compared to the event information from security appliances to verify if this is a well-known attack or a potential zero-day threat.

Increasing Loads, Speeds and Attacks

An effective, holistic solution must identify which points in the network need to be secured, monitor these critical points and ensure that the appliances used can keep pace with increasing data speeds and loads. Getting the right information, at the right time is crucial. Each appliance must ensure that all the relevant data is available for analysis and no packet data is lost. 

Assuring Monitoring and Analysis Performance

Napatech intelligent adapters are designed for applications that need to monitor and analyze large amounts of data in real time. Available for both off-line and in-line modes, Napatech adapters have the ability to identify flows up to layer 4 including tunneled fragmented traffic. Napatech adapters maximize network monitoring and security by guaranteeing 100% data delivery to the security application, no matter the network load. Multiple adapters of different speed grades can be installed on a standard server with all data merged into a single analysis stream. Napatech intelligent adapters then distribute data to multiple programs running on up to 32 CPU cores—all of this accomplished without compromising CPU performance. This ensures actionable, real-time information in the event of an attack on network security.


  • Increasing loads, speeds and attacks
  • ReThinking network security appliance design
  • Securing the network while assuring monitoring and analysis performance



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