Test and Measurement

Network test & measurement with Napatech network adapters

Napatech network adapters, installed in standard servers, provide OEM vendors with a high performance hardware platform for precise and affordable test and measurement systems.

One hardware platform for multiple test and measurement applications

The extensive feature set provided by Napatech network adapters, combined with the scalable performance of standard servers, provide an ideal platform for many test and measurement applications:
  • Traffic generation
  • Data recording and replay
  • Latency monitoring
  • Protocol analysis

Line-speed network traffic generation

Napatech network adapters are ideal for line-speed testing of Ethernet networks and devices.

Data recording and exact replay

For traffic generation Napatech network adapters can replay captured traffic or transmit traffic generated by dedicated test applications, at line or variable speeds.

High precision latency monitoring

Napatech network adapters deliver nanosecond time-stamping and resolution to detect sources of delay. For example, for financial institutions, latency can make the difference between winning and losing a trade.

Affordable and efficient protocol analysis

Napatech network adapters, installed in standard servers, provide an affordable and efficient hardware platform for protocol analysis. Only the exact traffic used for protocol analysis is distributed to the protocol analysis application.


  • Precise test
  • Affordable test
  • Scalable performance
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