Capture Replay

Data Recording and replay for network troubleshooting

For traffic generation the Napatech network adapters can replay captured traffic at line speed exactly as recorded. This can be used to replay real-life traffic or specific test traffic with reproducible outcome. The packet timing and the captured traffic itself can be modified to emulate network bursts.

Key features for data recording and replay

  • Packet capture with zero packet loss
  • Line-rate replay exactly as recorded
  • Synchronized replay
  • Replay with nanosecond precision

Packet capture and replay with zero packet loss

The Napatech network adapters capture all packets from smaller than 64 bytes to jumbo packets, including packets with errors. 100% of the captured traffic can be captured to disk for later replay.

Replay exactly as recorded with nanosecond precision

The Napatech network adapters can replay data as it was recorded to disk with nanosecond precision. The data captured to disk can also be modified to emulate traffic bursts, accelerate replay speed or introduce network packet errors.

Synchronized replay from different appliances at different locations

When simulating network load, traffic can be replayed from multiple adapters with nanosecond precision. The synchronized replay can be between adapters within the same appliance as well as between different appliances at remote locations.

Synchronized to external time sources

Napatech network adapters can be synchronized to the host OS time, to other Napatech network adapters or to external time sources:
  • Zero packet loss
  • Replay exactly as recorded
  • Synchronized replay
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