Network Traffic Generation

Line-speed network traffic generation appliances

Napatech network adapters are ideal for line-speed testing of Ethernet networks and devices with nanosecond precision. The adapters installed in standard servers, provide OEM vendors with a high performance hardware platform for affordable test and measurement systems.

Key features for network traffic generation

  • Line-rate transmission for all packet sizes
  • Synchronized transmit
  • Transmission with nanosecond precision
  • Full load loop back testing

Full visibility load testing for all packet sizes

The Napatech adapters transmit at line rate for all packet sizes making it ideal for packet sweep load testing of Ethernet networks and devices.

Napatech features allow the traffic generation application to introduce delays or simulate packet bursts. Defective packets, such as bad Ethernet FCS, and fragmented packets can also be generated.

Synchronized transmit from different appliances at different locations

When simulating network load, traffic can be transmitted from multiple adapters with nanosecond precision. The synchronized transmission can be between adapters within the same appliance as well as between different appliances at remote locations.

Synchronized to external time sources

Napatech network adapters can be synchronized to the host OS time, to other Napatech network adapters or to external time sources:

Full load loop-back testing

Napatech network adapters also provide 100% packet capture with nanosecond time stamping. This allows full load loop back testing. Napatech adapters can be configured to inject a time stamp into transmitted packets for loop-back latency measurement tests and other time based tests.
  • Line-speed Rx and Tx
  • Synchronized transmit
  • Nanosecond precision
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