Napatech Adapter Features

Napatech Network Adapters have the most generic, comprehensive and advanced feature set provided by any programmable high-performance network adapter in the world. The Napatech Network Adapter feature set meets OEM customer requirements for real-time network processing at full line rate from 1 GbE to 40 GbE.
Napatech's objective is to ensure seamless integration of the Napatech Network Adapters into customer applications, utilizing the feature set to maximize off-load of the server CPU. The performance and feature set of the Napatech Network Adapters will provide an unmatched server off-load leaving more than 95% of the CPU resources to run the customer application.
Napatech Network Adapter Features
Napatech continuously expands and enhances the Napatech Network Adapter feature set, based on input from our OEM customers from many different application segments. This ensures strong support of different network topologies, protocol types, server types, and real-time processing requirements.

Note: The majority of the features described in the Adapter Features section are common to high-end Napatech Network Adapters. The actual feature sets may vary from adapter to adapter. Please see the Adapter Data Sheets for specific feature sets.  

Additional Information

  • Full line rate network performance
  • Zero packet loss at any frame size
  • Industry-leading feature set
  • Leaves 95% of the CPU power for application processing
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