Hardware Time Stamp

The ability to establish the precise time when frames have been captured is a key to many applications. To achieve this, all Napatech Intelligent Network Adapters are capable of providing a high-precision time stamp with a 4 ns resolution for every frame captured/transmitted.

Napatech Intelligent Adapters support a range of different industry standard time stamp formats, in order to work smoothly in the different operating systems supported, and with a choice of resolution to suit different types of applications.
The supported formats are:
  • Free-running counter format with 10 ns unit
  • UNIX format with 10 ns unit
  • PCAP format with 1000 ns unit
  • PCAP format with 10 ns unit
  • PCAP format with 1 ns unit
All counters are 64-bit counters.
There are two different time stamp and they are Capture Time Stamp and Time Stamp Injection

Additional Information

  • Multiple time stamp formats
  • Global time synchronization
  • Enables precise latency measurements
  • Analyzes frame sequence and jitter

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