4-Port Adapter for 1 GbE In-Line Bypass Applications

Product: NT4E2-4T-BP
The NT4E2-4T-BP is a 4x1G In-Line Adapter with software programmable onboard electrical bypass functionality. This is ideal for in-line applications, such as intrusion prevention, that requires high data throughput with low processing load.
Multi-CPU Distribution
The NT4E2-4T-BP can identify flows based on Layer 1 to 4 header information and can distribute these flows to available server CPU cores/host buffers. This distribution can be based on identified header information so specific flows are directed to specific host buffers or balanced across available host buffers allowing parallel processing of multiple flows. The NT4E2-4T-BP can distribute flows to up to 32 CPU cores in a standard server.
Low CPU Load
Napatech in-line network adapters consume less than 5% of available CPU resources providing 95% of CPU power to the IPS application.
Fail-Safe Electrical Bypass
  • Independent bypass operation for each port pair
  • Programmable relay mode for power on and power off
  • Watch Dog Timer with software programmable time out interval for each port pair
  • Counters on bypass and Watch Dog Timer events for each port pair
  • LED indication on bypass activation

Product Features

4 x 1 Gbps Ethernet
  • RJ45 interface
PCIe Gen2
  • 8-lane 5 GHz
  • Half length
High Performance
  • 4 Gbps throughput for all frame sizes
  • Zero packet loss
  • Low CPU load
Onboard Memory
  • 1 GB
Key Features
  • Low latency
  • Independant bypass funtion for each port pair
  • Temperature and power sensors
  • LED indication on bypass activation
Operating Systems
  • Linux, FreeBSD, Windows
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