Napatech Software Suite

The Napatech Software Suite provides both driver support for all Napatech network analysis adapters and advanced features for data processing for capture and in-line applications.

Plug-and-Play Support 

The Napatech Software Suite is designed to support all Napatech Network Analysis Adapters. It provides a hardware abstraction allowing multiple Napatech network adapters of different port speeds to be flexibly combined.

Data Merge of Multiple Ports and Adapters

The Napatech Software Suite allows traffic from multiple ports and multiple Napatech network adapters to be merged. With one single traffic stream the data analysis task is eased. 

Data Sharing Between Multiple Network Analysis Applications

The Napatech Software Suite allows multiple applications to access the same data stream. It can sometimes be necessary for different operations to be performed on traffic at the same time. With zero copy transfer of data directly to different host interfaces, there is no extra CPU power used for data sharing. 

Streamlined packet-based Application Programming Interface

Napatech Software Suite offers packet-based Application Programming Interface (API)  This allows easy integration with customer developed application software. The API is simplified to allow fast integration and development of new application software.

PCAP and NTPL Support

Support for LibPCAP and WinPCAP is provided in the Napatech Software Suite for customers who have based their application development on PCAP. For existing customers the Napatech Programming Language (NTPL) is also part of the Napatech Software Suite.

Optimal Performance in Intel NUMA Servers

The Napatech Software Suite is designed to exploit the power provided by Intel Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) architecture. This ensures optimal performance in Intel NUMA-based standard servers.
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