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NT100E3-1-PTP, network management security, 100Gbps

100 Gbps Packet Capture and Analysis

The PCI-SIG® compliant NT100E3-1-PTP accelerator can be used for packet capture and analysis of Ethernet LAN data at 100 Gbps for all frame sizes as well as for in-line application acceleration using two NT100E3-1 accelerators. Transmit or replay of Ethernet traffic is provided with full transmission control. Intelligent features for flow identification, filtering and distribution to up to 32 CPU cores accelerate application performance with extremely low CPU load. Advanced time synchronization is supported including onboard IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP v2). NT100E3-1-PTP provides a complete PTP solution including software PTP stack.

The accelerator also comes in a NEBS level 3 compliant variant.




Nt100E3-1-PTP, network management security, 100Gbps

Reliable 100G Analysis

Napatech accelerators are designed for high reliability in the field and the NT100E3-1-PTP is no exception. A rigid housing and advanced cooling design assure the required airflow under operation while monitor sensors for voltage, power and temperature provide early warning to the user of potential issues. Automatic shutdown is enabled should pre-set thresholds be exceeded protecting the accelerator from potential damage. The NT100E3-1-PTP in standard servers provides a reliable hardware platform for development of 100G analysis products. 





Nt100E3-1-PTP, network management security, 100Gbps
Intelligent Data Delivery

100 Gbps of data is more than most analysis applications can handle today. This makes it important to intelligently manage the data that is presented for analysis, ensuring that only the data that needs to be analyzed is analyzed. The NT100E3-1-PTP provides extensive features for managing the type and amount of data to be analyzed. Slicing and filtering of frames and flows, even within GTP and IP-in-IP tunnels, significantly reduces the amount of analysis data. Deduplication features that can be extended in analysis software also ensure that only the right data is being analyzed. Napatech software suite provides data sharing capabilities that enable multiple applications running on the same server to analyze the same data. When combined with intelligent multi-CPU distribution, this allows the right data to be presented to the right analysis application thus sharing the load.  



Customer cases

LTE Deployment Testing

Our solution allowed a leading Mobile Network Operator in North America to use a single platform for LTE deployment testing, simplifiying testing and ensuring comparable and replicable measurements. 

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