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NT40E3-4-PTP network management security, 40Gbps

40 Gbps Packet Capture and Analysis

The NT40E3-4-PTP PCI-SIG® compliant accelerator provides full packet capture and analysis of Ethernet at 40 Gbps with zero packet loss for all frame sizes. It allows real-time data from multiple points in the network to be captured and merged into a single analysis stream.The PCI-SIG® compliant NT40E3-4-PTP provides full 40 Gbps capture and can also be used for in-line application acceleration. Intelligent features for flow identification, filtering and distribution to up to 32 CPU cores accelerate application performance with extremely low CPU load. Flexible time synchronization support including onboard IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP v2) with dedicated PTP port. NT40E3-4-PTP provides a complete PTP solution including software PTP stack.

The accelerator also comes in a NEBS level 3 compliant variant.




NT40E3-4-PTP network management security, 40Gbps
Up to 320 Gbps Throughput

Napatech Software Suite enables you to merge data from up to 8 accelerators. When used with NT40E3-4-PTP accelerators, this can provide up to 320 Gbps of total throughput per appliance. In other words, it is possible to monitor 32 locations at 10 Gbps port speed, merge the data from these locations into a single analysis stream and then correlate the information from these multiple locations to provide an end-to-end view of what is happening in the network.





NT40E3-4-PTP network management security, 40Gbps

Extreme Precision and Flexibility

Merging of data from multiple ports into a single analysis stream requires extreme timing precision. That’s why Napatech supports 4 nanosecond time-stamp resolution on the NT40E3-4-PTP accelerator. This precision enables you to merge Ethernet frames from multiple ports in the correct time-order allowing more accurate analysis. The NT40E3-4-PTP features on-board IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP v2) support with a complete PTP software stack as well as support for Pulse-Per-Second (PPS) time synchronization inputs. This allows flexible support of whatever time synchronization mechanism is available during deployment. 

Customer cases

LTE Deployment Testing

Our solution allowed a leading Mobile Network Operator in North America to use a single platform for LTE deployment testing, simplifiying testing and ensuring comparable and replicable measurements. 

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