Appliance Portfolio Development

Today, Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) face monitoring and analysis challenges brought on by increasing data volume, velocity and variety. The explosive growth in data traffic is increasing the size, scope and complexity of portfolio development and challenges NEMs to deliver value, on budget, with quick time to market.

Building Universal Appliances 
With a universal appliance, it is possible to streamline portfolio development by minimizing the number of components, vendors and technology options. A universal appliance can be used to implement any appliance or probe required with the installation of the appropriate analysis application software. Not only that, but it is possible to deploy several analysis applications on the same server, each sharing the same data.
Assembling the Key Components 
The key components of a universal appliance are:
 A Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS) server
 A hardware abstraction layer
 Analysis software

Using COTS servers effectively de-couples the application from the underlying hardware allowing scalability and flexibility. 

Napatech adapters provide the essential features for real-time analysis: 
 Nanosecond time-stamping precision
 Application off-load
 Flow identification
 Intelligent distribution of network traffic

The hardware abstraction layer allows any application to perform analysis, regardless of the number of ports or speed supported.

The last component is the appropriate analysis software for monitoring, test and measurement, optimization or security.

ReThinking Appliance Portfolio Development
It is time to rethink portfolio development with universal appliances in order to reduce the size, scope and complexity of product development, as well as accelerating time to market. With a universal appliance, it is possible to streamline development of several products in one release and thereby simplify support of key technologies. 


  • Explosive data traffic growth is increasing the size and scope of portfolio development 
  • Accelerate time to market with universal appliances 
  • Napatech adapters provide the essential features for real-time analysis



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