Network Management

Telecom network management has traditionally focused on polling mechanisms to provide snapshots of network events. As network data speeds and volumes accelerate, especially in mobile data networks, it is time to rethink how network management is performed and the solutions that are needed to scale with future demand.
The TMForum Managing Customer Experience (MCE) initiative has concluded that network probes are a strategic foundation for end to end customer experience management and Quality of Experience (QoE). This conclusion has been repeated by other projects in this area. In addition, network probes can also help carriers to provide innovative services that are more customer centric.
By using network probes to address QoE and enable new services, carriers have the opportunity to increase customer loyalty and potentially increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). For OEM vendors, this is an opportunity to address a strategic need that direclty increases value for carriers using a targeted probe portfolio. Napatech has the solutions to help.
The combination of standard servers and Napatech adapters provides a powerful probe platform. OEM vendors can use this powerful platform to develop a wide range of probe applications in assive off-line, active in-line and traffic generation deployments.
Napatech network adapters provide the same features and support from 1G to p10G to 40G accessed via a single Application Programming Interface (API). The Napatech network adapter also makes it possible to merge traffic from different ports in multiple adapters into a single analysis stream.

Advanced statistics for each port are also available and can provide essential information for deep-dive analysis of root case issues. All the packets are time-stamped and time synchronized for accurate correlation. By using Napatech network adapters you can build scalability and flexibility into the design, capturing data with zero packet loss at speeds up to 40Gbps.


  • End-to-end customer experience management
  • Enabling innovative new services
  • Network probes strategic foundation



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