Performance Monitoring

Designing for application awareness

Three significant drivers are driving the change away from
traditional performance monitoring:
  • The need for application awareness
  • The emergence of unified communications
  • The expansion of monitoring into new areas

End-users are interested in applications, not network information

The challenge for performance monitoring appliance vendors is how to build application awareness into their products, while at the same time assuring throughput performance in the face of growing data loads and network speeds.

Rethink what is designed in software and hardware

De-coupling the network from the application layer and moving network functions to hardware allows appliance designers to focus on understanding applications and transactions and how they relate to the network.

De-coupling application intelligence from network line-speed

End-users expect that performance monitoring appliances provide the same features and support no matter the line-rate.
  • Intelligent network adapters provided by Napatech can identify well-known applications at line-speed by examining layer 1 to layer 4 header information
  • Napatech network adapters provide the same features and support from 1G to 10G to 40G accessed via a single Application Programming Interface (API).

Free up resources to design sophisticated appliances for application monitoring

By using the Napatech built-in features for massive parallel data processing, appliance designers can allocate as much processing power and memory resources as possible to applications that require memory intensive packet payload processing.

Increase the value of the appliance with scalable hardware platform

By using Napatech network adapters in a standard server appliance designers transform the performance monitor into a universal appliance for any application requiring a reliable packet capture data stream.

Rationalize to one hardware platform

Multiple applications running on multiple CPU cores can be executed on the same physical server with Napatech software ensuring that each application can access the same data stream as it is captured. No matter the number or type of ports configured, the programmer will only see one "virtual adapter" with many ports.

Share captured data

Napatech provides the powerful capability to share captured data between multiple applications without the need for costly replication.


  • Designing for application awareness
  • Opening the design for new opportunities
  • Build-in flexibility and scalability



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