Real-Time Big Data Analytics

Real-Time Big Data Analytics (RTBDA) has emerged as a new topic in big data discussions. The concepts underpinning RTBDA can be applied in a telecom context, but it does require a rethink on what is “real time” and what sources of information can support a RTBDA strategy. 

When implementing RTBDA in telecom networks, probes and appliances can be used more strategically as sources of real-time data. This enables telecom carriers to apply big data analytics in real time in order to manage and monetize Over-The-Top (OTT) traffic.

Defining “Real Time” for Telecom

How real is “real time” in the context of telecom networks? With the migration to LTE, telecom carriers have completed the transition from connection-oriented technology and protocols to packet networks based on Ethernet and IP. When you consider that Ethernet frames in a 10 Gbps network can be transmitted with as little as 67 nanoseconds between each frame, then we begin to understand what “real time” means in a packet network. It is not minutes; it is not even seconds. It is nanoseconds.

Implementing RTBDA in Telecom

In order to implement RTBDA in telecom networks, probes and appliances can be used more strategically as sources of real-time data for big data analytics. This infrastructure can be implemented in three steps: data collection, storage and real-time decisions.

In the data collection step, all the Ethernet frames and IP packets need to be captured, in real time, at line speed, with zero packet loss, no matter the conditions. It is also extremely important that each and every frame is given a unique time stamp so that an accurate timeline can be established.

In the storage step, the stored data can be used to build a historical timeline of what has happened in the network with precise details. This information can be used to provide insight to OTT content service providers, so that carriers can offer compelling service offerings to these potential customers.

In this real-time decision making step, historical information captured to disk can be used to develop a profile of expected behavior. When this is compared with the real-time information on what is going on in the network right now, it is possible to detect a security threat, performance degradation or an opportunity to offer a customer a package extension or a complementary service.

Real-Time Technology from Napatech

Napatech provides the world’s largest vendors of appliances with the key technology and products that make it possible to implement appliances on standard server hardware. Napatech intelligent analysis adapters assure zero packet loss and guaranteed delivery of analysis data, no matter the network conditions. Each and every frame is time-stamped with 4 nanoseconds resolution.

Napatech works with the largest independent vendors of DPI software, Procera and Qosmos, to provide an integrated network and service analysis solution. It is these capabilities that have made Napatech the undisputed global leader in this space and a de facto standard for appliance vendors.


  • “Real time” means nanoseconds in a packet network
  • When implementing RTBDA in telecom networks, probes and appliances can be used more strategically
  • Napatech provides appliance vendors with real-time technology that makes big data analytics possible




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