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Infosecurity 2018

Napatech at Infosecurity Denmark

Visit us in the Credocom booth near the entrance of Theatre 6 at Infosecurity 2018.

Credocom, a trusted provider of security solutions to IT organizations, has created a Palo Alto plug-in solution using the Napatech Pandion Network Recorder, which captures and writes all network data to disk at speeds from 1 Gbps to 40 Gbps without losing a single bit.

Learn how the powerful and scalable Pandion Network Recorder can help your business become fully GDPR-compliant in the event of a data breach. In 2017, the average time to breach detection was 191 days with an additional 43 days to notification (IBM Security/Ponemon Institute). The EU GDPR requires businesses to report data breaches to the authorities within 72 hours. With full packet capture, massive storage capabilities and more, the Pandion Network Recorder provides you with all the forensic evidence you need in order to investigate and respond to security incidents.


Booth: Credocom (#606)

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Dates: 2 – 3 May 2018

Floor plan: View


Speaker: Daniel Joseph Barry, VP Strategy and Market Development

Topic: From Circumstantial Evidence to Hard Facts

When: 2 May, 11:15 –11:45

Where: Theater 8

From Circumstantial Evidence to Hard Facts

Dan Joe Barry gives his presentation on network packet capture for cybsecurity at InfoSecurity Denmark 2018.

Leveraging Palo Alto

For faster incident response & better containment

One of today’s biggest challenges when tackling cyber attacks is the mismatch between incident frequency and available resources. Weeks and months may go by before the potential damage to the network can be properly detected.

By integrating Palo Alto with Napatech, security resources can be efficiently deployed for significantly faster incidents response and better containment. Jacob Christensen from Credocom explains how.


Napatech Pandion Network Recorder


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GlusterFS Storage

Industry Solution

Pandion Plug-in for Palo Alto Firewall

Data Sheet

Pandion Network Recorder

Application Notes

Pandion Recorder for PAN Firewall


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