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RSA 2019

Reimagine your
Cybersecurity Infrastructure

At RSA 2019, we are thrilled to be demonstrating how our FPGA SmartNIC software and hardware can accelerate cybersecurity applications for a variety of use cases.

Leading passive, inline, and virtualized cybersecurity applications can achieve tremendous performance improvements through FPGA-based acceleration. Not only does this help you to strengthen your security posture by ensuring complete network visibility, it also allows you to minimize your TCO by reducing the number of servers required for security application hosting.

Our intelligent, flow-aware capabilities provide stateful awareness offering the ability for the SmartNIC to provide lossless per-flow action processing on behalf of the application to drop, forward, or redirect flows, thus reducing the data load on the application and massively boosting performance.

For virtualized security solutions, the Napatech SmartNIC dramatically increases server throughput while freeing up CPU cycles for more VMs and applications. Because it is FPGA-driven rather than ASIC-based, the software offers unique reconfigurability to add more capabilities on the fly beyond virtual switching, e.g. encryption and decryption.

Drop by Booth 2257 for a demo and see the stunning benchmarks achieved for a series of third-party, commercial and open source security applications.

Contact us at to set up a meeting.


Booth: South Expo #2257

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA

When: 4–8 March 2019

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Application Acceleration

By offloading heavy workloads to the Napatech SmartNIC, passive, inline, and virtualized applications such as firewalls, antivirus solutions, DLPs, and IDS/IPS can be greatly accelerated.

Examples include:

  • IDS/IPS, e.g. Suricata and Snort
  • Firewalls & next gen firewalls
  • Recording applications such as n2disk
  • Network monitoring apps like Bro/Zeek




Reconfigurable Computing

The shift towards cloud networking, 5G and IoT is disrupting the way applications and services are created and deployed. With this disruption, the gap between growing data processing needs and available capacity is widening.

Application Engine icon

Reconfigurable computing is an evolution driven by hyperscale cloud companies to address this gap by combining the flexibility of software with the high performance of hardware. By using vastly flexible high-speed computing fabrics like Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) as a complementary processing alternative, compute intensive tasks can be offloaded, assuring maximum server performance and CPU utilization.

NIC with ports_icon

Napatech pioneered the use of reconfigurable FPGA-powered acceleration hardware and software for networking and security applications. Our Reconfigurable Computing Platform runs on our family of high- performance SmartNICs and helps IT organizations to support the growing number of demanding software applications required to do business today. By enhancing open and standard servers, we improve services, boost applications and bring hyperscale benefits to networks of every size.

Download our Reconfigurable Computing flyer


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