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Napatech at SharkFest

SharkFest brings together a strong community of packet analysts and network capture specialists who use Wireshark® daily to troubleshoot and bug hunt application performance, SLA and network related issues. Launched in 2008, SharkFest continues to draw the attention of developer and user communities around Wireshark® for continued education and inspiration in PCAP analysis.

Napatech Pandion provides an excellent addition to this community by enabling continuous PCAP to disk running passively in the network, enabling Wireshark® users to retrieve PCAPs from incidents without the tedious needs of having to reproduce the problem. A simple yet powerful repository of history PCAP data from one or more capture nodes.

Please come and visit us at SharkFest booth #12123 for a Demo and some talks.


Booth: 12123

Location: Mountain View, CA, USA

Dates: 25 – 28 June 2018

Registration: Visit SharkFest homepage


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Pandion Network Recorder


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