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Shift your meerkat
into overdrive

While Suricata excels at detecting and preventing threats, the tool is only as effective as its implementation. If system resources are overburdened, Suricata cannot perform to its fullest potential. Join us at SuriCon to learn how we can offload and accelerate the app.

Creating the ideal environment for Suricata

Napatech has developed a hardware acceleration solution that alleviates the load on the server resources and accelerates the Suricata app so it can focus on its intended purpose: keeping networks secure.

By shunting irrelevant traffic flows and forwarding only selected data to the app, Napatech SmartNICs ensure that Suricata performs to its highest standard.

See this demo for a comparison of the flow shunting capabilities on a Napatech SmartNIC and a standard server NIC – delivering 2.7 times the performance.

Join us at SuriCon for the full demo and learn how we deliver:

  • Up to 100G lossless throughput
  • Tight coupling with Suricata at API level
  • Both IDS and IPS support
  • Stateful flow shunting/forwarding


Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Dates: 30 Oct. – 1 Nov. 2019

Registration: Visit SuriCon homepage

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