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Financial Monitoring Solution

Guaranteed packet capture for scalable
end-to-end trade analysis

Trading firms today are facing a number of challenges, which require a rethink of their IT infrastructure. Regulatory compliance, e.g. for MiFID II, the emergence of FinTech and the increasing pressure on IT budgets are just some of the trends causing sleepless nights. As traditional solutions are proving too complex, slow and expensive, a new approach is needed.

A scalable alternative to traditional solutions is creating a layered solution based on best-of-breed analytics modules for data harvesting – underpinned by 100% reliable data capture. This makes it possible to scale the various layers of the IT infrastructure independently and provide an end-to-end view of the trading activity.

A layered approach provides an alternative to vertically integrated point solutions by disaggregating the data capture, data harvesting or translation of packet data to transactions and finally the data aggregation across data sources no matter where they are.

Napatech Pandion Network Recorder

The perfect data capture foundation for scalable end-to-end trade analysis

The Napatech Pandion network recorder ensures 100% capture of all data on the network and real-time storage of the data for analysis. The Napatech Pandion can provide a real-time stream of data to various data harvesting applications as well as access to all network data for on-demand analysis. Each data packet is time-stamped with nanosecond precision based on advanced hardware time-synchronization allowing reliable analysis of end-to-end trading activity across multiple domains and systems.

The Napatech Pandion network recorder provides a rest API for integration with multiple independent data harvesting applications that each address specific needs. It is fast and easy to integrate, allowing federated search across all installed recorders through a single query.

The Napatech Pandion network recorder allows flexible addition of storage capacity to meet different retention requirements. Some applications require hours of retention, while others require days. The solution is delivered with 72 TB as standard, but can be extended with additional storage of 72 TB thereafter to scale to your storage needs.

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Webinar Recording:

Trade surveillance and data capture for MiFID II compliance

Moderator: Michael Shashoua, Editor, A-Team Group
Dan Joe Barry, VP Positioning and Chief Evangelist, Napatech

Date: 27 June 2017

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