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Pandion free 30-day trial


Pandion is your reliable network recorder for capturing all network traffic for on-demand retrospective forensic network analysis, general troubleshooting or DUT compliancy testing. Records all network traffic with zero packet loss with stratum-3 nanosecond timestamp precision.

Secure a successful trial

Our 30-day free evaluation period includes full support from our skilled field application engineers. They will give you advice and guidance on performance and which features to use, while at the same time solving any support issues that might arise. In addition access to support and resources:

Support Center
Access to our 24/7/365 support assistance.

Access to download software and documentation.

Access to code examples and tools.

Knowledge Base
Access to our FAQs in the knowledge base.

Resource Center
Access to data sheets, case studies and white papers.

Pandion data sheet

Download the Pandion data sheet here.

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