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Napatech Addresses Escalating Cybercrime Trends With Innovations In SmartNIC Traffic Classification

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Nov.17, 2021 – Napatech™ (OSLO: NAPA.OL), the leading provider of programmable SmartNICs used in cloud, enterprise and telecom datacenter networks, today announced a new set of SmartNIC capabilities designed to address escalating trends in cybercrime.

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A recent report from Cisco “2021 Cyber security threat trends” highlighted several escalating trends within the cybersecurity landscape. Based on an analysis of the number of endpoints alerting to malicious activity as well as the amount of DNS traffic seen for each type of threat, the report concludes that crypto mining, phishing, ransomware and trojans combined are averaging around 100 million threats worldwide each month, representing 10x more queries than all other threat types.

Napatech helps network operators protect against these threats with a family of FPGA-based programmable SmartNICs, powered by production-grade, high-performance, feature-rich software packages optimized for the top networking and security applications deployed within networks.

The latest upgrade to Napatech’s Link-Inline™ software enables its programmable SmartNICs to address emerging cybercrime threats through important innovations in network traffic classification and identification. Through standard APIs, security applications specify and update the processing actions to be performed by the SmartNIC, on a per-flow basis. These actions are subsequently performed entirely on the SmartNIC for known flows, freeing up the host CPU to run value-added applications and services.

To identify and mitigate threats from malicious network traffic, the SmartNICs perform ingress flow classification and identification without host CPU intervention for known flows, based either on policies or on actions dynamically assigned by the security application. Additionally, stateful flow handling in hardware leverages flow-based actions to perform analytics and prevent security exploits.

The Link-Inline software is available now on Napatech SmartNICs that support port configurations including 1, 10, 25, 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet. These security functions achieve an industry-leading 200Gbps throughput on standard servers, supporting the high bandwidth requirements of cloud, enterprise and carrier networks.

“The security industry is seeing a trend towards more complex, multi-staged attacks that involve multiple threat types,” said Napatech CMO Jarrod J.S. Siket. “Addressing this emerging threat landscape requires sophisticated security solutions such as the Napatech Link-Inline software running on our high-performance programmable SmartNICs.”

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