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Napatech and Interview Netzwerk Create
High-performance Data Capture Solution

Press Release

Napatech Pandion Provides Essential Component for an
Integrated Data Capture Solution by Interview Netzwerk

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, September 8, 2016 – Network traffic growth, both in terms of volume and speed, has organizations moving towards more scalable long-term solutions to manage increasing capture data volumes. To enable businesses transition to scalable solutions, Napatech today announced its collaboration with Interview Netzwerk Service, a German system integrator, to provide a new data solution to Coop Group, a large-scale European retailer.

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Interview Netzwerk was posed with the challenge of building a high-performance solution that could handle large volumes of data, with the possibility to scale and add analytics. They chose Napatech’s Pandion network recorder, a highly reliable recording platform that captures 100% of the data with nanosecond precision.

  • Distributed search: The Pandion architecture facilitates data search across multiple capture units, providing the unique advantage of being able to compare and correlate traffic from different points in the network.
  • Scalability: Users can add up to 8 Pandion storage units to the rack-mounted recorder unit, eliminating the need for investing in new solutions as storage needs grow.
  • Smarter data retrieval: The Pandion was integrated with Interview Netzwerk’s iPAC software which facilitates easy access of the data packets on several appliances. It is easier to retrieve data because of the use of the Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) syntax and Napatech Query Language (NTQL).
  • Completely accurate data: Since the Pandion is designed to capture 100% of the data with zero packet loss, the data available for analytics applications will be completely accurate.

Andreas Diedrich, CEO, Interview Netzwerk Service, said: “Coop came to us because of our expertise in developing solutions for network and application performance management. We chose the Pandion because it enables data retention and distributed search while maintaining total data accuracy. We look forward to working with Napatech in the future to create custom solutions for our customers.”

Andrew Patterson, Senior VP Global Sales, said: “Businesses today are struggling to find a data solution that can grow with them without breaking the bank. The integrated solution built by Interview Netzwerk provides the ideal fix for Coop’s growing data needs. More importantly, we were able to give the client a solution that suited their budget, without compromising on performance.”

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