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The Napatech NAC –
designed to accelerate your PCAP solution

Use cutting-edge network acceleration technology to add real-time line rate performance to your PCAP solution – no software integration required. Napatech 2-port and 4-port network acceleration cards (NACs) provide full packet capture and analysis of network data at 4, 20, and 40 Gbps with zero packet loss.

Built for quality and reliability

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Compatible with open source and/
or professional PCAP applications
PCIe Gen2 server slot compatible
PCIe Gen3 server slot compatible
Zero packet loss, line-rate performance
Built-in packet buffering system4 GB4 GB2 GB
Port merge into single PCAP interface
Virtual PCAP interface load distribution
Frame and flow filtering
SFP Connections (Copper and Fiber)1 Gbps1 Gbps1 Gbps
SFP+ Connections (Copper and Fiber)1 or 10 Gbps1 or 10 Gbps
Capture of Ethernet LAN20 Gbps40 Gbps4 Gbps
Transmit to Ethernet LAN20 Gbps40 Gbps4 Gbps
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Used across industries

Infrastructure management and security

Our solutions deliver data to applications that enable infrastructure network managers to optimize performance of power transmission, water distribution, transportation, healthcare, and other complex networks. In addition to giving these managers the insight it takes to sustain the reliable functioning of these vital networks, our solutions also create the visibility needed to protect them.

Cyber defense

Our solutions deliver data to applications that help governments see all data running through their networks. Recognizing malicious packages and suspicious patterns allows governments to take preemptive measures to stop criminals before or during an attack, safeguarding sensitive government information as well as the personal data of citizens.

Security data collection

In order to protect networks from the most advanced cyber threats, our solutions deliver data to security applications such as:

· Intrusion Detection Systems / Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)
· Unified Threat Management (UTM)
· Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
· Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
· Advanced Persistent Threats (ATP)

Security data collection systems make it possible to discover and contain threats faster based on real-time data from critical network links.

Our solutions deliver data to network appliances such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) that can see every detail within the networks they are protecting. They can stop attacks, as well as protect against data leaks, while at the same time ensure there is a 100% accurate record of everything that happened.

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