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Pandion Packet Capture

When you want to document your network performance or investigate a network breach, having all data available is of utmost importance. Pandion is designed to enable this with its state-of-the-art server architecture and zero packet loss accelerator technology. Connect Pandion to your network and capture all packets for 100% reliable behavior analyses and on-demand incident forensics.


Full line-rate packet capture

Pandion use Napatech FPGA SmartNICs as the capture card which are highly optimized to capture network traffic at full line rate. Pandion can capture sustained 40 Gbps from line-rates of 1, 10, 40 and 100 Gbps using any of the Napatech product family of Accelerators. Napatech FPGA SmartNICs further provides advanced pre-filtering mechanism which enable you to capture only what is needed for your retrospective analysis.

Optimized Dell R730XD platform

Napatech has optimized the Dell R730XD platform for optimum performance and to ensure no packets are ever lost, ever, regardless of packet size. Ethernet FCS error or short-sized Ethernet frames are also captured at sustained line-rates. The Pandion records everything it sees and enables you to query according to time and/or via a BPF filter.

Onboard packet buffering

Onboard accelerator memory buffers allow packets to be buffered during micro-burst or PCI Express bus congestion situations.


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