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Pandion Time Stamp

When analyzing network congestion, breaches, or performance compliance, it is not only crucial to know what happened, but also when it happened. This knowledge is needed to correlate events recorded by several devices.

Pandion records all packets on the wire and attaches a timestamp with nanosecond precision, thereby enabling 100% accurate reconstruction of events in the correct sequence.

With 4 ns time stamping and time stamp injection

Time stamp

Pandion time stamps all packets received with a high-precision high-resolution 4 nanosecond atomic clock engine which is fully stratrum-3 compliant. The clock engine is driven by the Napatech SmartNIC product family.

Time synchronization

Pandion time-stamping can be synchronized to a master clock in various ways:

• Synchronization with GPS antennas and other external PPS time sources
• Synchronization with PTP time masters
• NTP/RDATE time synchronization
• Manual time setting (OS RTC driven)


The Pandion REST API enables you to query the dataset faster by providing a ISO8601 To/From time to quickly extract data from that window or to further filter it through a BPF engine.


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