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Operationalizing NFV in the Age of 100G

NFV is moving into the commercialization phase and network operators are facing numerous challenges due to the recent acceleration of 100G deployments in core, metro and access networks. In the webinar, Dan Joe Barry and Jim Hodges examine the impact that NFV and 100G will exert on networks, and the challenges and opportunities there are in operationalizing NFV in the age of 100G.

Network Management and Security Requirements for SDN/NFV Networks

Making the move to SDN and NFV networks requires new levels of service agility that might be challenging for traditional networks to achieve. In this webinar, we talk about the possibility of leveraging the software model in more dynamic, real-time and innovative ways that can help achieve this goal.

Making VoLTE a Success with Real-Time QoE Analytics

With many recent new launches and more to come in 2014, VoLTE is finally moving center stage for mobile network operators. In principle, VoLTE can help operators both to control costs and to meet competition from both conventional and Web-based communications service providers. But there are significant challenges too, both business and technical.

Managing SDN and NFV with Real-Time Insight

SDN and NFV are gathering momentum as telecom carriers struggle to manage rapid growth in data traffic. Discussions have focused on the ability of SDN and NFV to make network and service provisioning more agile and flexible. But, do they fully address the challenge facing carriers today? Only by enabling real-time insight into what is happening in the network, and how services are performing, will the true benefits of SDN and NFV be realized.

Rethinking Network Management for Real-Time Innovation

The explosion in data usage means carriers need to be able to react in real time to meet customer demands. Traditional network management techniques no longer support the quality of experience operators need to ensure loyalty and drive revenues. Telecom network management has traditionally focused on polling mechanisms to provide snapshots of network events.

But as network data speeds and volumes accelerate, especially in the mobile arena, this approach is struggling to keep pace and for many operators the time has come to rethink how network management is performed in order to scale with future demand. Network probes providing real-time data have been identified as a strategic component of a more customer centric approach to network management.

Time to Rethink Network Security

Cloud computing, big data analysis and mobility are currently the three major trends promising increased efficiency and effectiveness in how we do business. However, these benefits also bring major vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. The challenge is to provide this security without undermining the potential benefits of these services.

The webcast takes a closer look at the major trends and the expected growth in data that these will partly drive and security challenge as highly organized cyber criminals target the vulnerabilities that these trends expose.

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