We conduct business operations in an environmentally responsible and ethical manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Company

At Napatech we assign resources to ensure compliance with the constantly changing legislation. We make sure that working conditions are safe and that our workers are treated with fairness, respect, and dignity.

Any form of corruption, extortion, or embezzlement is strictly prohibited. No bribes or improper advantage are offered or accepted. Compliance to EICC’s Code of Conduct is a matter of course. We have never received a single fine or penalty regarding corporate, employee, or environmental issues.

We are committed to conducting business operations in an environmentally responsible and ethical manner, and established a Conflict Mineral policy with the objective to only use 3TG that originate from conflict-free sources.

Our Products
Our products are assembled by contract manufacturers that share our ambitions for social responsibility. We investigate each component regularly, and we declare that in our conformance declaration with the EU RoHS directive and the REACH regulation.
Our products comply with EU directives and carry the CE-mark, as declared in our EU declaration of conformity. They carry the UL mark for recognized components, and they are manufactured under UL’s inspection and follow-up service, ensuring that safety critical components are authenticated and handled according to UL’s procedures.

"It is my job to secure that our business complies with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and national, international, or customer proprietary norms. Everyone at Napatech commits to working in a responsible manner in order to reinforce our business values."

Lars Christiansen, Regulatory Compliance Manager


Documents and Policies

EICC, Vibration, Conflicting Minerals Disclosure

Our products' quality and compliance are ensured through our policies, processes, and validation. We document this in our policy statements, certificates, declarations, reports, and journals.


CB, UL, IEC, EU Declaration of Conformity

It is our policy to provide safe products. Our products' safety are ensured by accredited third parties. They verify product compliance with international safety standards for electronics.


RoHS, REACH, EU Declaration of Conformity

We support and favor a healthy environment. All our products are investigated and analyzed to be in compliance with rules for substances and minerals.


EU Declaration of Conformity

We are committed to providing electromagnetic compatible products. For all our products, we ask accredited third parties to verify electromagnetic compliance with international EMC standards.

"Donating to Doctors Without Borders is part of Napatech's sales incentive sytem. Supporting this worthy cause motivates our employees and allows us to help people around the world."


Andrew Patterson, Sr. VP Global Sales and Support