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Software Package Summary

Data Sheet

Link-Capture™ Software

Link-Inline™ Software

Link-Virtualization™ Software
Application and network performance monitoring    
Subscriber monitoring    
Capture to disk, replay from disk    
Latency measurments    
Cybersecurity threat detection    
Network test and measurement  
Cybersecurity threat prevention    
5G User Plane Function (UPF) offlload    
Full host CPU offload    
OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)    
Bare metal cloud platform IaaS with tenant isolation    
Key Features      
Zero packet loss, optimized buffer system for capture    
Multi-port packet merge, sequenced in time stamp order    
Header stripping, slicing, deduplication    
Pattern match, protocol, length, and error filters    
Advanced statistics    
Layer 2, Layer 3, Layer 4 protocol classification  
Tunneling support  
Time stamping and synchronization  
Stateful flow management  
RSS load balancing
Low-latency packet processing    
GTP encapsulation / decapsulation    
SDF / QoS policing    
DSCP tagging    
Billing counters    
Traffic Mirroring  
Open vSwitch (OVS) offload    
KVM and OpenStack live migration    
VirtIO hardware offload    
VLAN / VXLAN and Q-in-Q encapsulation/decapsulation    
SDN controller support    
Orchestration and APIs      
Napatech API    
Hardware Support      
NT20 SmartNIC    
NT40 SmartNIC    
NT50 SmartNIC  
NT100 SmartNIC    
NT200 SmartNIC
NT400 SmartNIC  
C5010X IPU    

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