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Investor Relations

Welcome to the investor relations section of our website.

Napatech A/S is listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange with the ticker NAPA. Communication with shareholders, investors and analysts is a high priority.

Napatech aims to ensure that the market is informed at all times and that all rules and regulations for Danish companies listed on Oslo Stock Exchange are complied with.

For further information or questions, please contact CFO Heine Thorsgaard.

Watch video: Napatech CEO Ray Smets explains FPGA – Napatech Investor Q&A

Latest Reports and Presentations

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Financial Presentation

Latest Stock Exchange Announcements

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Financial Calendar

Financial calendar 2022  
Q4 2021 Interim Management Statement 24 February 2022
Annual Report 2021 24 March 2022
Annual General Meeting 26 April 2022
Q1 2022 Interim Management Statement 3 May 2022
2022 Half-yearly Report 18 August 2022
Q3 2022 Interim Management Statement 30 November 2022


ABG Sundal Collier offers key data, independent analysis, and other financial information about Napatech: Napatech at

Analyst at ABG Sundal Collier: Eirik Thune Øritsland, +47 22 01 61 40,

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