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Supplier Information

Our products are assembled by contract manufacturers that share our ambitions for social responsibility. We investigate each component regularly, and we declare that in our conformance declaration with the EU RoHS directive and the REACH regulation.

Our products comply with EU directives and carry the CE-mark, as declared in our EU declaration of conformity. They carry the UL mark for recognized components, and they are manufactured under UL’s inspection and follow-up service, ensuring that safety critical components are authenticated and handled according to UL’s procedures.

Our suppliers provide documentation that each product sold to us complies with our strict requirements.


  • Our suppliers must follow the RBA Code of Conduct
  • Our suppliers must have a Material Declaration


  • Our suppliers must follow EU’s RoHS directive, and provide a list of claimed exemptions.


  • Our suppliers must follow EU’s REACH Regulation with compliance to the maximum threshold of any of SVHC substances listed in the current version of SVHC Candidate List.
  • Our suppliers must follow The proprietary regulations of: IBM’s Engineering Specification (ES 46G3772) and Cisco’s Controlled Substances Specification (EDCS-661823).


  • Our suppliers must provide documentation for that products are safe to use.
  • Our suppliers must provide safety certificates when requested.


  • Our suppliers must be part of a UL’s wiring harness program if providing us with cable assemblies.


  • Our suppliers must provide us with an updated status regarding their sourcing of conflict minerals by completing the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template, which are released regularly by RMI.
  • Suppliers must also share our objective to only use 3TG that originate from conflict-free sources and work with own suppliers in order to meet this objective.

Want to know more about our suppliers’ safety or sourcing of minerals? We have answers for all your questions.

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