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Communications Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide face unprecedented challenges as they transform their network architectures and operations to meet ever-increasing demands for network bandwidth, while addressing the unique business opportunities presented by emerging enterprise, industrial and consumer use cases.

Napatech’s SmartNIC solutions, deployed both in the telecom core and at the network edge, enable CSPs to maximize the cost-efficiency and operational reliability of their infrastructure, bringing important benefits both to traditional physical equipment and to cloud-hosted services.

Software vendors, equipment manufacturers and system integrators leverage Napatech’s SmartNICs to run critical workloads throughout the telecom network, including:

  • Accelerated packet processing and networking functions in the Radio Access Network (RAN), for Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC) and in the core network, maximizing overall network performance and throughput;
  • Full offload of 5G Core User Plane Function (UPF), maximizing the number of subscribers supported per server and data center energy efficiency;
  • Accelerated virtual switching for edge and core functions, optimizing the utilization of compute resources for running applications and services.

Explore the benefits of Napatech SmartNICs

For a network-centric solutions view, click on one of the SmartNIC symbols in the network diagram
below to explore the benefits that Napatech SmartNICs provide for that network element.