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Cyber Security

The more important networks become, the bigger the target they present.

Never before has business performance been more reliant on the health and availability of corporate networks. And never before has it been possible to do as much damage to a corporation by launching an attack on its network. The sheer variety of applications, mobility and bring-your-own-device practices are causing a rapid growth in enterprise data volume and complexity, making it harder to see what is going on inside of networks and protect them.

We enable network insight and action in real time

Our solutions deliver data faster, more efficiently, and on-demand to applications that establish a network-wide view of what is happening – in real time. This allows network managers to correlate data from different parts of the network, so the right defense measures can be deployed where they are needed. In other words, if you can’t see everything, you can’t prevent trade secrets from being stolen, communications from being intercepted, or attackers from creating chaos.

Watch video: Scaling Security Applications to 100 Gbps with Napatech SmartNICs.
Learn how offloading flows in networking and security architectures frees up CPU resources by using hardware-based action processing of traffic.


Achieve business excellence with Smarter Data Delivery.

Security data collection

In order to protect networks from the most advanced cyber threats, our solutions deliver data to security applications such as, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Security data collection systems can discover and contain threats faster based on real-time data from critical network links.

Network and content security

Napatech solutions allow appliances used for Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to see every detail within the networks they are protecting. This can help stop attacks, protect against data leaks and ensure there is a 100% accurate record of everything that happened.


Address key industry challenges with Napatech products.

Napatech FPGA SmartNICs

  • 1-200G    
  • COTS
  • NEBS

Napatech FPGA SmartNICs capture data from networks at high speed and high volume using patented packet capture technology. With a portfolio that scales from 1 to 100G, we provide faster, more efficient data delivery and enable real-time insight into network traffic.

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