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Our values

RESPONSIVE. We listen carefully to our customers, letting their needs guide our decisions and working as part of their teams.

DARING. We boldly challenge our customers and ourselves to achieve the unexpected and break down barriers to performance.

TRUSTWORTHY. We are reliable in every sense, from the integrity of our word to the solidity of our products. In the event something should go wrong, we are committed to openness and transparency.

Our vision and mission

OUR VISION. Be the global leader in Reconfigurable Computing Platforms leveraging our deep expertise in FPGA software helping companies of all sizes accelerate application performance and secure their networks.

OUR MISSION. We enhance open and standard servers to boost and release valuable compute resources with market leading FPGA software on top of the best FPGA chipsets available.

Our business model

AIM. Napatech aims to become the number one vendor for data delivery solutions, providing visibility into the performance of networks, applications, and data services.

ACHIEVE. To achieve this, we help our customers develop high-performance products in a timely, efficient, and profitable manner by using standard servers powered by Napatech technology. We support our customers in delivering cutting-edge solutions that challenge existing market offerings with regard to bandwidth, capacity, and overall performance.

Smarter Data Delivery

Napatech delivers data faster, more efficiently and on demand. Our products enable our customers’ applications to be smarter than the networks they need to manage and protect.

Our solutions are the most innovative in the industry. From the frontline sales teams to the deepest
part of our R&D department, we strive to give the best customer experience.

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