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Corporate Governance

Napatech recognizes the importance of good Corporate Governance. This is ensured through interaction between shareholders, the Board of Directors, and the administration. Napatech’s goal is that all interested parties are confident that the group’s activities are carried out in an acceptable way and that governing bodies have sufficient insight and influence to undertake their functions.

Guidelines on Corporate Governance are approved annually by the Board of Directors in connection with the approval of the financial statements or when deemed necessary. Napatech A/S is subject to Danish law but is listed on Nasdaq Oslo. Napatech has previously according to the Danish Financial Statements Act §107B followed the Norwegian code of practice for corporate governance. Effective from 2018 Napatech has chosen to follow and comply with Danish legislation meaning that Napatech now follows the Danish recommendations for good Corporate Governance.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We conduct business operations in an environmentally responsible and ethical manner.

At Napatech we assign resources to ensure compliance with the constantly changing legislation. We make sure that working conditions are safe and that our workers are treated with fairness, respect, and dignity.

Any form of corruption, extortion, or embezzlement is strictly prohibited. No bribes or improper advantage are offered or accepted. Napatech is keen to comply with The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. We have never received a single fine or penalty regarding corporate, employee, or environmental issues.

We are committed to conducting business operations in an environmentally responsible and ethical manner, and established a Conflict Mineral policy with the objective to only use 3TG that originate from conflict-free sources.

Remuneration Policy

According to section 139 of the Danish Companies Act, the Board of Directors of a listed company must, before entering into a specific agreement about incentive pay with a member of the Board of Directors or the Executive Board, adopt general guidelines for the company’s incentive programs for the board of directors and the management board.

These guidelines must be presented and adopted by the general meeting before being put into practice in specific agreements with the concerned executives.

On 25 April 2024, the shareholders of Napatech A/S adopted general guidelines in remuneration policy for members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management in accordance with the Danish Companies Act section 139.

Legal Documents

Napatech Articles of Association

Napatech Articles of Association

(Last amended on June 13, 2024)

Napatech Prospectus April 2019