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We help our customers’ applications be smarter than the networks they need to manage and protect.

We want to be number one in smarter data delivery to network applications

Trends and challenges

The future is faster than ever. The volume, variety, and velocity of data in networks are increasing at explosive rates. Organizations are struggling to keep up with users’ expectations for network quality and security.

As a result, management and security applications need to capture all the data flowing through networks, often in real time. This puts increasing pressure on your business to stay ahead of the data deluge by delivering smarter solutions, while also cutting costs and development time.

Opportunities and solutions

We not only accelerate speed and capacity with a product portfolio that scales from 1 to 200G, we help you shorten your in-house development or time-to-market. Reduce risk with integrated and pretested solutions using patented technology from the packet capture experts.

From the port to the application, we allow you to control what data is delivered, where and how. And our award-winning customer service is there, 24 hours a day, around the world, to help you with your integration needs.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to be the global leader in Reconfigurable Computing Platforms leveraging our deep expertise in FPGA software helping companies of all sizes accelerate application performance and secure their networks..

Our mission is to enhance open and standard servers to boost and release valuable compute resources with market leading FPGA software on top of the best FPGA chipsets available.

Napatech Company Presentation

Napatech guarantees data delivery to systems ensuring the quality and security of the digital applications on which we all rely.
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Napatech by numbers

Vendor to the top network performance companies
Years in the data capture industry
Hour award-winning support
% Packet capture guaranteed
Product patents globally
Certificates and reports
Plus industry awards
Leading 10G, 40G, 100G and 200G technology

Napatech milestones

Slide 2003 Company founded in Denmark. 2004 First US office established in Mountain View, California. 2015 Launched industry-first 200G throughput solution at Mobile World Congress. Napatech Pandion, the company's first network recorder, won Best of Show at Interop Tokyo. 2010 Awarded the Red Herring Global 100 Award. New offices established in Washington D.C. and Tokyo, Japan. 2013 Successful completion of IPO on the Oslo Stock Exchange. 2014 Launched 100G SmartNIC at Cisco Live. 2011 Launched 40G accelerator at Interop Las Vegas. New office established in Seoul, South Korea. Received our 10th patent. Began manufacturing in the US to offer proximity to US customers. 2006 Acquired Xyratex, establishing the company as a market leader in programmable network accelerators.

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