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Infrastructure and Defense

Cyber attacks are a bigger threat than ever

As the digital era moves forward, virtually all information is being digitized. Our identities, health records, and financial information, as well as public infrastructure like water distribution, train systems, and power plants are now accessed and controlled through networks. Unfriendly governments, terrorists, and advanced criminal networks no longer need to be physically present to cause damage. They have the expertise and determination to carry out destructive attacks or steal sensitive data remotely.

We help infrastructure and government networks run smoothly and safely

Government and infrastructure network managers, however, face the challenge of exponential growth in data volume and complexity, as well as increased sophistication of attacks on public safety. Our solutions deliver data faster, more efficiently, and on-demand to security applications that protect public and private information, as well as critical infrastructure networks.


Achieve business excellence with Smarter Data Delivery.

Infrastructure management and security

Our solutions delivers data to applications that enable infrastructure network managers to optimize performance of power transmission, water distribution, transportation, healthcare, and other complex networks. In addition to giving these managers the insight it takes to sustain the reliable functioning of these vital networks, our solutions also create the visibility needed to protect them.

Cyber defense

Our solutions deliver data to applications that help governments see all data running through their networks. Recognizing malicious packages and suspicious patterns allows governments to take preemptive measures to stop criminals before or during an attack, safeguarding sensitive government information as well as the personal data of citizens.


Address key industry challenges with Napatech products.

Napatech FPGA SmartNICs

  • 1-200G    
  • 100% PACKET CAPTURE   
  • COTS   
  • NEBS   

Napatech FPGA SmartNICs capture data from networks at high speed and high volume using patented packet capture technology. With a portfolio that scales from 1 to 100G, we provide faster, more efficient data delivery and enable real-time insight into network traffic.