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Napatech SmartNIC Releases

Huntington Beach 3

Huntington Beach 3

The Huntington Beach 3 release for Napatech SmartNICs introduces replay of traffic, exactly as it was captured on the network at full line rate 1G – 100G. Also, this release enables forwarding and/or splitting network traffic captured on a single network tapping point into a cluster of multiple servers for processing, without the use of additional network equipment (time stamps applied for each packet can be forwarded as well). A special feature have also been added to boost the CPU utilization on demanding Packet Capture applications using 4x10G Napatech SmartNICs. For inline applications, a session control feature have been added, in order to both maintain low latency and full session control with full line rate speeds 1G – 100G.

Windows Version 10.0.4 November 2017

Download the Windows release here.

Linux Version 10.0.4 November 2017

Download the Linux release here.

Open Source Software

DPDK Download for Napatech SmartNICs

Napatech DPDK additions Version 17.02.0 May 2017

Download the Napatech DPDK additions for easy integration of Napatech SmartNICs with current DPDK-based applications. Offers plug-in compatible API. Supports all NICs included in off-the-shelf DPDK as well as new versions of DPDK. Napatech features: product portfolio covering 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G port speeds, zero packet loss, burst buffering, flexible CPU load distribution and protocol stack support, including tunneling. Download the Napatech DPDK additions here.

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