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Do you want to know if a Napatech product fits your needs? We actually offer a 30-day evaluation period, at no cost to you. This enables you to test form, fit, and function, giving you all the information you need to decide if one of our Napatech products is right for you.

Secure optimal fit and performance – before you buy
Our 30-day free evaluation period includes full support from our skilled field application engineers. They will give you advice and guidance on performance and which features to use, while at the same time solving any support issues that might arise. In addition to having our engineers by your side, you will have full access to our online support center and all relevant documentation, along with our code samples and tools. All of these resources will help you optimize your evaluation time, maximize results, and reduce your time-to-market.

Napatech Accelerators

Napatech accelerators capture data from networks at high speed and high volume using patented packet capture technology. With a portfolio that scales from 1 to 100G, we provide faster, more efficient data delivery and enable real-time insight into network traffic.

Napatech Pandion

Napatech Pandion is your ultrafast network recorder for on-demand capture, indexing, and search of data. Record every single bit and byte with exact precision using our patented packet capture technology that provides zero packet loss with nanosecond precision timestamping.

Napatech NAC

Use cutting-edge network acceleration technology to add real-time line rate performance to your PCAP solution – with no software integration required. Napatech network acceleration cards (NACs) provide full packet capture and analysis of network data with zero packet loss.