Smarter Data Delivery

Napatech is the world leader in data delivery solutions for network management and security applications. As data volume and complexity grow, organizations must monitor, compile and analyze all the information flowing through their networks.

Our products use patented technology to capture and process data at high speed and high volume with guaranteed performance, enabling real-time visibility. We deliver data faster, more efficiently and on demand for the most advanced enterprise, cloud and government networks.

Now and in the future, we enable our customers’ applications to be smarter than the networks they need to manage and protect.



Telecom Operators

Stay one step ahead of the data deluge.

Financial Services

Ensure that trading runs smoothly in real time.

Cloud and Data Center Services

Provide quality and enable new business models.

Infrastructure and defence

Guarantee your networks run smoothly and safely.

Network Management

Keep up with new expectations and speed.

Cyber Security

Enable network insight and action in real time.



Napatech accelerators capture data from networks at high speed and high volume using patented packet capture technology. With a portfolio that scales from 1 to 100G, we provide faster, more efficient data delivery and enable real-time insight into network traffic.


Napatech Pandion is your ultrafast network recorder for on-demand capture, indexing, and search of data. Record every single bit and byte with exact precision using our patented packet capture technology that provides zero packet loss with nanosecond precision timestamping.


Use cutting-edge network acceleration technology to add real-time line rate performance to your PCAP solution – with no software integration required. Napatech network acceleration cards (NACs) provide full packet capture and analysis of network data with zero packet loss.

Meet the team

The employees who make our cutting edge solutions are among the most innovative people in the industry. From our frontline sales to the deepest part of our R&D department, we strive to give the best customer experience. Meet the team and learn more about who we are, and how we work.





White Papers

There is a new area of challenge to the security teams in the enterprise, government and education sectors – the constant attack by hackers or other adversaries that are sponsored by a government entity or are part of organized crime. This white paper outlines the pain points and potential damage caused by cyber attacks on high speed networks.

Pandion Network Recorder

Data Sheets

Pandion Flex is your cost-efficient platform of choice for ultrafast, highly reliable real-time capture, indexing and search of data across Napatech’s network recorder. Pandion is available in multiple rate interface options and configurable storage to over 600TB.


Data Sheets

Data sheet for Napatech's 2-port 40 Gbps accelerators that provide full packet capture and analysis of network data at 80 Gbps with zero packet loss.

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