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Advanced threat detection

In 2017, the average time to detect a breach was 191 days*. This clearly shows that an adaptive security framework not only involves prevention; it also requires advanced threat detection solutions to drastically reduce the time to detect and respond to a breach.

Complete data capture is a fundamental requirement for effective threat detection. This enables detection solutions to see and record all network traffic in real-time for immediate analysis or on-demand forensics.

Where Napatech helps

For more than a decade, Napatech has helped security providers enhance their high-performance solutions by ensuring that they see absolutely everything – real time and in retrospect. Ultimately, this equips end users to identify attacks and limit impacts.

Below are some of the solutions we have enabled.


Threat detection at 100G

Find out how ntop and Napatech helped a top-tier data center attain full network visibility at 100G and greatly reinforce security.

Security Detection Solutions

Bridge the security gap.

See everything now!

How can we help you

Take advantage of Napatech’s high-performance technology and harness the knowledge accrued over many years in network security. Tell us how we can help you optimize your solutions and strengthen the safety of your business – and close your security gap today.

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*IBM Security / Ponemon Institute, June 2017

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