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Napatech and Jabil Collaborate on Innovative Server Platform for High-Bandwidth,
Low-Latency Fintech Applications

Press Release

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – June 21, 2023 – Napatech™ (OSLO: NAPA.OL), the leading provider of programmable Smart Network Interface Cards (SmartNICs) and Infrastructure Processing Units (IPU) used in cloud, enterprise and telecom datacenter networks, today announced a collaboration with Jabil, Inc. on a server platform for high-bandwidth, low-latency, financial technology (Fintech) applications.

Enterprises that provide electronic banking and trading services rely on their data center server platforms to transmit, receive and store financial transactions at high data rates, with low networking latency and zero data packet loss. Jabil’s new J322-S server addresses these challenges through pre-validated network adapter configurations that include the Napatech NT100 and NT200 SmartNICs, which perform low-latency lossless networking at 100Gbps and 200Gbps respectively. The SmartNICs also enable complete replay of transaction data with nanosecond precision, for use in analytics, testing and simulation.

“Jabil’s J322-S 2U rackmount server based on the high-performance 4th Gen Intel® Xeon Dual Socket processor is optimized to meet the demanding needs of our Fintech customers,” said Ed Bailey, vice president of technology, Jabil Cloud and Enterprise Communications. “Storage needs are addressed by offering NVMe, SAS and SATA drives for hot- pluggable hybrid storage, while the available programmable Napatech SmartNICs deliver the high-performance, low-latency networking features that are required for Fintech applications. We are pleased to team with Napatech on these platforms and look forward to future collaboration as our customers’ needs and opportunities evolve.”

“As Fintech applications become higher-performance and more complex, standard Network Interface Cards (NICs) are unable to handle the increased line speed while delivering data without packet loss,” said Charlie Ashton, senior director of business development at Napatech. “Napatech’s programmable SmartNICs, however, support line speeds up to 200Gbps with zero packet loss under all conditions, while also including large on-board buffers that absorb microbursts and ensure peak network performance at all times. We are delighted that Jabil has selected our SmartNICs to ensure the performance, reliability and data integrity delivered by their J322-S server in Fintech use cases.”

“The increasing sophistication of financial trading algorithms drives the need for more advanced networking subsystems within the data centers operated by Fintech companies,” said Bob Laliberte, principal analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “Programmable SmartNICs represent the optimum solution for delivering both the requisite data networking performance and the flexibility to perform software upgrades after deployment. The collaboration between Jabil and Napatech ensures organizations can deploy a high performance platform suitable for a wide range of demanding Fintech applications.”

The Jabil J322-S server is available now in a configuration with either the Napatech NT100 or NT200 SmartNIC.

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