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Napatech Discloses Master Collaboration Agreement with Intel

Press Release

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – February 28, 2023 – Napatech™ (OSLO: NAPA.OL), a leading provider of programmable Smart Network Interface Cards (SmartNICs) and Infrastructure Processing Units (IPU) used in cloud, enterprise and telecom datacenter networks, has entered into a multi-faceted collaboration agreement with Intel to develop new hardware and software solutions.

Today’s news acknowledges both parties in the contract executed on December 21, 2022, that met the threshold of material insider information and subsequent disclosure per the Oslo Stock Exchange regulations. The disclosure can be found at:

The contract, and its associated terms, represents a significant milepost by Napatech in executing its strategic plan. It provides both validation of the product and technology vision that the company has set, and a significant co-investment agreement that allows both parties to continue to accelerate the ability to achieve their respective goals.

Two complete, customer-ready IPU solutions will be available exclusively from Napatech, uniquely featuring turn-key software packages that are production-grade, fully warranted and supported. These IPU solutions, based on the Intel FPGA IPU F2000X-PL Platform, will be part of a larger, feature rich roadmap supported by Intel Agilex FPGAs and Intel Xeon D Processors.

The new solutions will include Napatech’s full suite of software packages as well as the two new offerings jointly developed with Intel that target well-established, differentiated use cases within the high-growth programmable SmartNIC and Infrastructure Processing Unit markets.

This transformational business agreement defines a strategic partnership that includes commercial and operational terms that provide additional value to Napatech. It spans joint engineering and development, technology and roadmap planning, innovative customer pricing models, sales and marketing collaboration, and targeted business development for the initial and future use cases, customers and regions.

“Napatech’s programmable NICs stand out because of their exceptional software suite, which is specifically tailored to the hardware and workload. This collaboration between Intel and Napatech would further enhance the synergy between hardware features and software capabilities, resulting in products that are optimized to address a wider range of user requirements” said Manoj Sukumaran, Principal Analyst for Datacenter Compute and Networking at Omdia. “I expect customers would be able to derive significant benefits from the advanced and optimized solutions resulting from this partnership”.

“Through generations of innovation Intel has earned the trust and confidence of cloud, enterprise and telecom network and data center operators,” said Jarrod Siket, chief marketing officer at Napatech. “Napatech will benefit greatly from its product and technology leadership, as well as sales, marketing and business development strengths, unlocking Napatech’s strategic value for customers and shareholders.”

“Our collaboration with Napatech is an indication of our deep commitment to expanding our leadership in infrastructure processing in data center networks,” said Jim Dworkin, Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud & Enterprise Acceleration Division at Intel. “We are pleased to collaborate with Napatech to combine the capabilities of Intel’s Agilex FPGA, the industry leader in performance and power efficiency, with Napatech’s production-grade hardware and software solutions. This will provide customers access to the products, solutions and services they require to make their cloud and enterprise data centers more efficient and cost effective.”

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About Napatech
Napatech is the leading supplier of SmartNIC solutions used in cloud, enterprise, and telecom datacenters. Through commercial-grade software suites integrated with high-performance hardware, Napatech accelerates network infrastructure and security workloads to deliver best-in-class system-level performance while maximizing the availability of server compute resources for applications and services. Additional information is available at:

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