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Napatech Launches Compact 2x100G Network Accelerator

Press Release

Compact Solution Provides 100 Percent Data Capture with Precision Time-stamping
While Reducing Cost and Carbon Footprint

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, October 18, 2016 – Today’s increased data demands have resulted in not only a lack of rack space but also huge power consumption costs for large data centers around the world. To address the need to save rack space and bring down overall costs of investment and deployment, Napatech announced today the launch of its 2x100G compact network accelerator card NT200A01.

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Napatech has designed a two-port 100G product in a one-slot, half-length PCI form factor to address the costs, shortage of space and criticality of data capture within the telecom and data center industries. The NT200A01 card is ideal for 1U server solutions.

  • Higher power efficiency in a compact, two-port design: As equipment grows smaller, the cost of deployment and maintenance also decreases, thereby reducing total cost of ownership. Napatech’s 2x100G SmartNIC provides the advantages of energy and cost savings.
  • 100 percent data capture: This new technology is ideal for packet capture on bidirectional links, the most common use case. The card is able to capture 100 percent of data, even during traffic bursts in the network, with zero packet loss.
  • Time-stamped in order: Each incoming packet is precisely time-stamped in the same order as they are received in the network. Data from the two ports are then merged into one stream and sent for further processing by applications without losing the order.

Henrik Brill Jensen, CEO, Napatech, said: “Our integrated, cost-effective 2x100G SmartNIC card is ideal for organizations with data centers that are only going to need more rack space and more powerful systems to process the ever-increasing volumes of data.”

Stig Bang, product line business director – Accelerators, Napatech, said: “We are excited to launch this product, as it offers the market a whole new opportunity to analyze 100G networks more easily and cost-effectively while reducing their footprint and, thereby, the overall cost of investment and deployment.”

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