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Napatech provides Solutions for
Smarter VoLTE Quality Assurance
at Mobile World Congress

Press Release

High-Speed Napatech FPGA SmartNICs Enable Performance Monitoring Analysis
of Individual Packets Across the Network with Nanosecond Precision

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, February 16, 2016 – Napatech (OSE: NAPA) today announced the showcasing of its partnership solution with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The demo will show how HPE’s Performance Monitoring Analysis (PMA) solution integrates two Napatech NT40E3-4-PTP 4x10G accelerators with the HPE Telecom Analytics Smart Profile Server (TASPS), to enable exact latency measurements in LTE networks.

Solutions exist today to measure latency in LTE networks, but they are often expensive and require a lot of equipment consuming precious rack-space, power and cooling. It is also difficult to correlate latency measurements and effectively map them to service levels relevant to both the network and the services delivered on the network.

  • Wider coverage with a compact solution: The 2 Napatech FPGA SmartNICs in this solution have a total of 8 ports capable of monitoring 8 different points in the network. Therefore, users get wider coverage with less hardware components in this solution, while saving rack space and usage of system capacity.
  • Extreme precision: Precision nanosecond time-stamping and real-time latency measurement means that users can always trust the accuracy of the data and rely on it for taking actions or in decision-making.
  • Real-time analytics: With a solution based on HPE TASPS, users get a state-of-theart analytics engine that provides real time information on the exact Evolved Packet Core (EPC) data center and EPC legs that are degrading the VoLTE or VoWifi quality across the network.

Ken Marchant, Director of Actionable Customer Intelligence in HPE Communications Services Business said: “The PMA solution, in collaboration with Napatech, is a good example of a solution implemented using HPE TASPS platform to serve specific needs of CSPs by leveraging the data from a variety of telecom sources such as real-time collected network data.”

Walther Johannessen, Sr. VP Global Marketing, Napatech said: “The integration of our FPGA SmartNICs with HPE’s PMA solution is another example of the strong alliances Napatech has developed to help our customers manage the ongoing influx of data to their networks at speeds up to 200Gbps with nanosecond precision. Our goal is to provide solutions that accelerate the performance of network management and security applications through smarter data delivery.”

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