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Napatech teams with Dell OEM to keep
Networks secure and Compliant with
new Packet capture Solution

Press Release

Scalable High-speed Storage with Zero Packet Loss Improves Network Monitoring and Forensics
for Finance, Telecom, Government and Enterprise Management and Security Industries

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, July 27, 2016 – In order to keep networks secure and compliant, IT teams require greater visibility into the critical data they are monitoring, both in real time and for forensic purposes. Napatech announced today the partnership with Dell OEM to provide customers with a reliable, stable and predictable network solution for high-speed packet capture and storage. The combined solution, available through the Dell OEM sell-through program, enables customers to capture and offload 100 percent of their data for post-analysis of all traffic, regardless of data type.

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  • A comprehensive network view: Whether for capacity planning, regulatory compliance, network monitoring or post-analysis of data, Napatech’s solution enables 100 percent packet capture. The combined solution delivers complete network visibility capturing all traffic, with zero packet loss.
  • Enhancing network security: Provides a visual insight into the network, in real time and forensically, a critical component to accelerating detection times for security breaches. It is a powerful complement to automated intrusion detection systems, security information and event management, and network performance management.
  • Easing compliance: Advanced data compression increases retention when network data is recorded, providing a complete, precise and detailed record of network activity for regulatory and compliance adherence.
  • Scalable with endpoint visibility: The solution can scale to accommodate the growing need for higher capture speed and larger storage capacity. Powerful federation provides the ability to harness multi-node deployments to cover all endpoints, whether in central or remote locations.

Andrew Patterson, Senior VP Global Sales, Napatech, said: “Data storage needs have become increasingly complex. Compliance regulations require organizations to store data long-term while maintaining access for security purposes. Our packet capture solution provides Dell’s customers with accelerated data delivery, greater network visibility and the scalability to meet future storage demands.”

Ron Pugh, executive director and general manager, Americas, Dell Global OEM Solutions, said: “We’re excited to work with Napatech to combine their packet capture solution with our own market-leading hardware to create a unique offering that meets the needs of customers across a variety of verticals in the management and security industries. This joint solution is yet another great example of Dell OEM teaming up with a company on the cutting edge of technology innovation to deliver an even greater degree of choice, flexibility and capabilities to our customers.”

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