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Neusoft scales APM & NPM
in integrated design

Case Study


With data from millions of simultaneous users, Neusoft, a leading IT solutions provider, needed to scale their RealSight APM platform. To that end, they required a SmartNIC solution to accelerate their networking performance while freeing up CPU resources.


The combination of Neusoft’s popular Realsight APM module and Napatech’s FPGA-based SmartNICs led to the creation of a seamless solution for monitoring both application and network performance.


Neusoft created an NPM solution that integrated with the existing APM platform, enabling:

  • Precise data extraction at up to 20 Gbps
  • Greatly improved utilization of CPU cores
  • Low latency

Industry pain points
As IT organizations become increasingly dependent on enterprise and cloud applications and services to meet their customers’ needs, the cost of poor network and application performance can have a disrupting impact on their business success.

As network speeds rapidly increase from 1 to 100 Gbps, and applications multiply daily, IT organizations struggle to find a comprehensive solution that reliably analyzes the often correlated events between network and application performance.

Client challenge
In response to this challenge, Neusoft, a leading Chinese IT solutions provider, sought to expand their Application Performance Monitoring (APM) software, RealSight APM, with Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) functionality. Given the massive scale of data generated by millions of simultaneous users, Neusoft needed the ability to scale RealSight’s measurement and analytics capabilities. This required a SmartNIC solution that could accelerate their networking performance while freeing up CPU resources to be used by their application.

Neusoft chose Napatech’s FPGA-based SmartNIC software and hardware to meet these challenging requirements.

“Napatech’s feature-rich SmartNIC software and hardware easily integrated into our solution to meet the demanding performance requirements we have for throughput, latency, scalability and cost.”

PLi Xu, Product Technical Director
Platform Software Division, Neusoft

Neusoft created an NPM solution that integrated with the existing APM platform. This provided a single pane monitoring system for keeping IT operations running smoothly and significantly accelerated the task of locating and amending bottlenecks and anomalies on the wire.

Neusoft developed the Realsight NPM solution with an FPGA-based SmartNIC integrated in the server, enabling precise data extraction at up to 20 Gbps for network analysis. The traffic load was efficiently distributed for improved utilization of CPU cores and low latency.

Key benefits
The combination of Neusoft’s popular Realsight APM module with the benefits of reconfigurable computing added by Napatech’s FPGA-based SmartNICs led to the creation of a seamless solution for monitoring both application and network performance.

Napatech successfully met Neusoft’s requirements, improving system performance and massively scaling  the number of users while maintaining the benefits of an open and standard platform including low costs and easy integration with existing software.

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