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Link™ Assure Professional Services
for Napatech FPGA-based SmartNICs

Product Brief

Our Link™ Assure Professional Services offer different levels of Return Material Authorization (RMA) service and support to ensure and protect the integrity of your infrastructure.

Link™ Assure Standard
The Link™ Assure Standard service enables you to request an RMA and return the SmartNIC to Napatech for fault analysis. Within 30 days of receipt, Napatech will issue a complete fault analysis report.

Link™ Assure Advance
With the Link™ Assure Advance service, we will keep a spare replacement SmartNIC in stock at our contract manufacturer in Connecticut, MA. If you request an RMA, we will ship the replacement SmartNIC to you by courier within three business days.

Link™ Assure Premium
With the Link™ Assure Premium service, we guarantee that you will receive an identical spare replacement SmartNIC by the next business day – no matter where in the world.


We will keep a replacement SmartNIC in stock at any one of more than 500 global hubs of your choice as managed by our logistics partner, Global Convergence Inc (GCI).

If you request a replacement before 3 PM (local destination time), the replacement SmartNIC will be hand-carried and installed by GCI on the next business day on-site.

The Link™ Assure Premium service provides the optimum way to quickly replace any SmartNIC in your critical infrastructure – no matter on which continent.

Key Benefits
• SmartNIC replacement by next business day
• Global availability
• Hand-carried and installed by authorized technicians
• Minimum server downtime
• 24/7/365 online RMA request submission
• Includes RMA product return to hub and immediate restock of identical spare replacement SmartNIC
• Annual subscription

Standard Warranty
All our warranties cover products purchased from Napatech and any defects in workmanship or materials.

Standard warranty is 18 months from time of delivery.

Extended Warranty (optional)
Extended warranty periods of either 12 months or 24 months may be purchased.

Extended warranty must be purchased before expiration of the standard warranty.

Premium Warranty (optional)
Premium warranty covers a period of 60 months (five years) from time of delivery.

If defect is covered by warranty, SmartNIC will be replaced. Otherwise, identical SmartNIC may be purchased.

Adapter replacement guarantee. Option to buy identical replacement adapter.

Free shipping (CIP) of replacement product.

Technical Support
Napatech provides the following technical support directly from our website

Support Portal
Browse our online support portal 24/7/365.

Support Community
Find answers and ask questions.

Support Ticket System
Create and track status on support cases.

Documentation Portal
Browse and download technical publications.

Download Software
Download the latest software releases.

Contact Support
Contact support by email.

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